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Master Maul

This is Maul. Darth Maul. Master Darth Maul. He owns clones and droids. He has tattoos all over his face.

His light saber has 2 ends of light. He can defeat anyone. There is only 1 who he can not harm. And that is Obi Wan Kenobi, the jedi.


Count Dooku has a light saber with only one end. He owns clones and droids, as well. As you can see there are some clones in the background. They work for him. There are some clones that are good. They are the rebels. They work for Obi Wan.

All jedis have light sabers. They can use the force. The force is a special energy that jedis have that makes it so they can lift things without touching them.

The Sith are very powerful jedis. The Sith are evil jedis. They are very hard to defeat.

Jabba the Hut

Jabba can not speak English. He is a Hut. He speaks Hut. He eats like a Hut. He is big and fat. He has a round body, a long slimy tail and mouth as big as an ocean.

There is a grey robot that looks like C3-P0 who clarifies whatever Jabba says.


This is Jabba's Uncle Ziro. He a Hut, too. He is big and slimy. He hides out in a dark cave. Whoever has watched Star Wars the Clone Wars movie has heard of this strange creature.

Anakan is one of the jedis. He and his Padawan had to help Jabba even though Jabba is evil. They helped him find his son who was being attacked by droids sent from Count Dooku.



Rancor's are giant monsters that look like they have paper sticking out of their backs. They like to eat Gommorean Guards. Gommorean Guards are supposed to guard Rancors.


Chewy is a big, furry alian called a Wookie who likes to eat whatever he wishes. He has a giant bow and arrow and likes to jump around.


This is master Yoda. Yoda is a jedi knight. He can hover above the ground in a special chair and he has a light saber like all jedis.

Battle Droid
2 R2s
Storm Troups
Anikan S.
Anikan G.
Han Solo
Han Solo (disguised)