The League of Hard Workers

artwork and excerpts by Keilan Luke Morrissey

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Mr. All Powers

Once Keilan was at the crystal store. He picked a crystal. When he held it up to the sun it gave him every power. Then it gave him an orange and black suit with a red cape and glasses.

He named himself Mr. All Powers and become the leader of the League of Hard Workers

Disguised Mr. All Powers

Hello, this is Ed Morrissey typing to you. I am Keilan Luke's Dad. Good to type to you.

Well, I was in my friend's house and all of a sudden this 7 year old boy with crazy black hair came in. He says he was the real Mr. All Powers. But I know my son is Mr. All Powers.

He thinks he can help people and gets confused with good and evil. He believes that if he is evil then he can still be helping by stopping the heroes from hurting the villains.

Captain Earth

J was on the beach and he fell into the water. The water made a green and blue suit out of nowhere. He put it on and when he went home, he put on a mask and cape. The suite somehow gave him superpowers. The mask made him shoot rays from his eyes.

When he dreamed of something, his dream came true. He had super strength, super speed and can fly. He flies on the launcher at Meremac. Now he is known as the Captain Earth.


Capten Saturn

Mr. All Powers wanted no one to figure out his true identity so he made up new names including Capten Dimension, Buckle Belt and lots more. But one of the main ones is Capten Saturn who can fly, super strength and super speed and has the same dreams as Capten Earth as if he were connected to him.

When he dreams his dreams just stay in his head. Not like Capten Earth whose come out.



Max Wibbleston was an astronaut when he met alians who sucked his blood. The blood turned blue, green an yellow. He only had red on the outside. Once he wiped it all off he noticed he had powers.

Whatever he thought of being is what he turned into until he thought of being himself again. He is a master of disguise, has super strength and can fly. He even has super speed. He named himself the Desguiser.


Fire Eye

Somehow he got created. Nobody knows how he got created. Nobody even knows his true identity. He joined the League of Hard Workers just yesterday on Saturday, February 22nd, 2009.

He named himself Fire Eye.

Flame Girl

Flame Girl

She was a fire woman. When trying to save kids on fire she jumped into it herself. Instead of dying, it made her alive more. She became immortal and made a fire proof suit.

The suit is red and she wears rocket boosters. Her logo is fire. She can shoot fire and electricity from now on every one calls her Flame Girl.


Invisible Man

Max was on the moon. It was so dark that it turned him invisible for a while. Then he started to wear a chain. On his stomach he wrote an I. Now he named himself Invisible Man.

When he become not invisible he could turn himself invsible by thinking about it.



Muntianer is a scientist and has a white costume with black buttons and wears glasses. His eyes are blue. He is the man who created the crystal that turned Keilan into Mr. All Powers.

His mother named him Muntianer because how much he looked bad when he was a baby - like a mutant. When he grew up she thought he'd be hunting for mutants. But no, her mother is evil and turned into Captain Solid and Muntianer is against her.

Small Man

Small Man

Bob got shrunk by another evil doer who thought that he would never become bad. Then his skin dried up into flames and he turned as skinny as a walking stick.

Now he can't move his hands - they stay out straight. And his feet outstretched. He can only bend his knees and elbows and not his head. He still can talk even though his face is frozen and he can't move his mouth - it's just a smile as if he were made of a different material beside skins.

So, he decided to name himself Smallman and join the bad because of the way he looked. And now his worst enemy is Sun Man.



Steve was studying spiders. Some how he studied them so that he became someone like them. And now he named himself spider and 4 legs grew out of the bottom of his body. And then he started to wear glasses because spiders don't see as well as humans.

He joined the League of Hard Workers. Then he decided because he looked bad he should join the League of Bad Workers. Now his worst enemy is Mr. Strong.

Sun Man

Sun Man

Someone with no name fell into the sun because he was an astronaut. Then it gave him powers. He could shoot rays from the sun. He could turn on fire but still be alive. He can shoot fire and electricity. His hair turned orange and he named himself Sun Man.

Then he joined the League of Hard Workers like most heroes.

X Ray Man

X Ray Man

Christopher was a scientist when he fell into a jar of formula giving him super strength and the ability to see through anything. It gave him a new costume with an X on it. Then his face tunred into the shape of an X.

In between the two top lines is where you can see his mouth, nose, eyes and anything on the face. You can't see his hair otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the X.

He does not have a secret identity because he is just a mutant so he is a monster and only half-way human so he can't have an identiy unless he ever decides to wear a mask that can fit on the letter X.

All Powers Gun

Mr. All Powers Glasses

Mr. All Powers made them out of a regular sunglasses somehow. Now he can talk to his glasses. The glasses say 'beep' when they say that they will do what he said. They say 'ching' when they say that they can't do it.

They can even shoot rays out of the lens. No one can see through the glasses otherwise they would figure out Mr. All Power's true identity. If someone else tells the glasses to do something they won't do it. It has to be their master, Mr. All Powers, to ask them to do it.

Killer Winged Sword

Killer Winged Sword

The killer winged sword fell into formula when someone dropped it in. Before, it was just a regular sword, now it has wings and can fly. It is the only weapon in all of the world that can beat the Horrid's dragon rider, Greasy. He is nearly unstoppable.

Ray Man Guy

Ray Man Guy

Freddie was shot by a blue ray. First he named himself Blue Ray and could shoot blue rays. Now he just named himself Ray Man Guy and can shoot any color ray.

Now he joined the League of Hard Workers and is best friends with Fire Eye.

Sun Mase

Sun Mase

Sun Mase belongs to Sun Man. It can shoot rays from the sun like him. It can fly without him. And Sun Man can talk to him like Mr. All Powers can talk to his glasses.

It can also shoot electricity like Flame Girl and it can shoot fire.

Capten No Hnads

Capten No Hands

One day this Knight from King Jar Man's castle was fighting an alian from Mars and even one from the Moon when ever the alian stole his swords then he cut off both of his arms at the same time with the swords.

Instead of dying, he barely stayed alive. Now he's just a person with body, head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes but no arms.

Mr. Meen All Powers

When Mr. All Powers makes too much tornado, then he automatically becomes Mr. Meen All Powers. The only difference is the scare, the uniform and the name.

His hair changes colors on whatever he is on. He can fly and do everything the same as Mr. All Powers. Well, almost the same. He is even more powerful than Mr. All Powers or anybody on Earth.

So, the only thing Mr. All Powers can do to stop him is outsmart him. Beat that Meen All Powers!

Half Man

Half Invisible Man

One day Fred was in his lab when one of his experiments exploded. It covered half of him with black dust and the rest with baby powder. So he wiped off the baby powder, but the black dust stayed.

Soon, the black dust vanished and that side turned invisible for a hour. Soon, he came back and decided to name himself Half Invisible Man. He can only fight crime for an hour, otherwise they figure out his true identity, Fred.




Captain Earth woke up and looked everywhere but could not find his costume, as J K, that is. So, went off and found it in Mr. Mean All Power's lair and he sneaked in and stole it.

But Mr. Mean All Powers saw him first. Then they started tackling each other and J K won. When he knocked his brain out he said "Ahh, ha ha!" and then jumped on him again and picked him up and threw him in the trash.

Then he transformed it into a Mr. All Powers suit and turned him back into life and put on his costume.

Roller Ball

Roller Ball

One day a mysterious alian from Mars came down and got run over by a truck wheel, turning himself into the same shape as it, a ball.

Now he can transform into balls and roll around like a ball in 10 seconds. If he were evil, he could rob a bank in 10 seconds and he'd be done. He can roll around and crush things like on the TV show the Batman the Brave and the Bold.

Metamorphal can roll around just like him. He can destroy things and rob a bank in 10 seconds also. That's only because he can transform, also. Now the mysterious alian from Mars named himself Roll Ball. He still had red skin, but became a human and became best friends with Mr. All Powers and joined his league.